You can have a blazing relationship mutually fulfilling built through effective communication, compassion, trust, and respect.

The time is now!

Want to reignite your relationship?

No matter the strength of your relationships, whether embers or flames, we can work together to facilitate a persistently and active blazing relationship. We can work together to ensure your relationships will be an aspect of your life in which you thrive. Whether your concerns are addressed on an individual basis, as a couple or as a group in Family Therapy, your needs will be met with personalization, confidentiality, and professionalism. Do not let current issues pile up and smother what fire exists in your relationships. Schedule today because waiting will not make the process easier.


Has your relationship become stale and routine?

Once you dreamed a dream that was overflowing with joy, family, and contentment. Yet, your day-to-day reality is far removed from that dream. Do not give up on your relational dreams. Dreams can come true, and life does not have to be stale and routine. Life can be revitalized, recreated, and reignited. Working together we can develop the dynamics that build a strong, vibrant, and gratifying relationship. You can turn the stale and routine into the interesting and exciting. Building together purposefully and creatively will not feel like an added chore. Instead, it will be work that fulfils and stimulates and sends you back for more. Schedule today because it is time to begin to purposefully empower your relationship.

Do you feel like this is “as good as it’s going to get”?

What you have is what you have? Your fire is already smothered and completely out? Then, it is time to begin a new relational fire and put away the past. It cannot be like it once was because you are not the same. You have changed. Your circumstances have changed. You need a new relational fire. Together, we can take a hard look at what is and what could be for today and tomorrow. Your challenges and stumbling blocks can be identified, addressed, and renewed into building blocks for a stronger and more vibrant enjoyable relationship. Nothing is ever as good as it could be, like matter relationships are not lost, they are only repurposed beneficially or detrimentally. Schedule today and let us work together to repurpose your relationship for the better.


Do not wait a day longer to meet with Dr. Ken Bateman and discuss your relationships and the positive future he sees for you.

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Dr. Ken Bateman has been teaching the 40-hour supervision course as outlined by both the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Board and the Licensed Professional …


Participating in continuing education for LPC or LMFT counseling can be a great way to stay current on changes within ethics requirements, hear about new trends, gain additional knowledge within your field, and network with colleagues. Whether you are a practicing counselor or graduate student taking steps to grow professionally is the right choice.