Marriage Counseling

Your relationship started with dreams of “happily ever after,” the perfect house, travel, and many years of enjoyable activities together as a couple and maybe a family. However, these envisioned dreams are nothing like your current day to day life. That “flame” that once warmed and fired your dreams is now just an ember in danger of being extinguished altogether. You desire your relationship interactions to be nearer your imaginings, but your efforts have not produced your longed for “happily ever after”.

Let me help you explore and create a different approach to being in relationship that will rebuild, repair, and reignite a closeness that is beyond dreams and is rather firmly established in your day-to-day reality. Working together we can develop the dynamics that build a strong, vibrant, and gratifying relationship.

Whether your issues are centered around communication, finances, sexual intimacy, parenting, or some other dynamic, you and your concerns will be my focal point. Counseling is not just listening! It is providing teaching tools and alternatives for effective communication and stress relief. Solutions tailored to your relational dilemmas. Whether we determine to address your concerns on an individual basis, as a couple or as a group in family therapy, your needs will be addressed with personalization, confidentiality, and professionalism.

I am Dr. Ken Bateman and I look forward to serving you and your relationship partner as you seek to rebuild, repair, and reignite your relationships.