Relationship Counseling

There are many types of relationships: romantic, family, business, just to name a few. Relationship counseling can be helpful when there are difficulties in communicating, misunderstandings, and/or changes with the original goals of the relationship.

Romantic relationships may involve clarifying roles and the direction the couple is heading. For example, if a couple is considering eventual marriage, this may be a time for entering into pre- marital counseling. Other couples may not be heading toward marriage but are wanting to resolve conflict in the relationship or just find ways to make their time together more positive and fulfilling.

Even as adults, family relationships with parents and or siblings can be challenging. The phrase, “For better or worse” isn’t just a vow in many marriage ceremonies, it is also true of family dynamics. One usually does not get to pick one’s parents or siblings. Relationship counseling for the family can assist in identifying new ways of interacting or help in developing new boundaries.

Many businesses are started with the cooperation of two or more individuals who have a dream and vision for a product or service. At times as the business grows, an individual’s goal or vision changes or morphs into something different from the original. Individual’s may feel betrayed, or the relationship gets strained. An outside professional may be able to assist in helping to improve understanding or establishing new directions.

Can Relationship counseling benefit you?