Family Counseling

The hurts, arguments, and slights that have wounded and formed divisions over the years still restrain and impede the ease and joy that family interactions and gatherings are expected to evoke. Chasms of misunderstanding have separated parents from children and children from parents. Sometimes adult children or siblings are holding on to grudges possibly while using distancing behaviors and yet, the egregious deed has been forgotten by one or more members of the family, or perhaps the “offender” does not even know what they have done to cause the separation.

Even worse the need for family therapy may exist due to past physical, psychological, or sexual abuse. Past abuses within families have long reaching tentacles. You have been abused or know that a family member has been abused. How can you relate to these people? Even those ignorant of the abuses act or speak in ways that tear at your heart, effecting you, your own family, and your attempts to remain in family with persons innocent of the abuse.

Whether your family issues are centered around perpetual miscommunications, grudges, confusing relational distancing, parenting, or dealing with parents and siblings, Dr. Ken Bateman can help. He will focus on your family unit and seek to help the family members to discover those dynamics which are uniting them as well as those that are dividing and preventing that joy and connection unique to the family unit. Yours and your family’s needs will be addressed with personalization, confidentiality, and professionalism. Dr. Bateman will provide teaching tools and alternatives for effective communication, the alleviation of family tension, and tailored solutions to the relational dilemmas your family is facing.

Family relationships can be improved and conceivably restored. Though therapy may not be able to solve every problem; it can facilitate a revitalization within your family relationships and dynamics.

I am Dr. Ken Bateman and I look forward to serving you and your family as you seek to unite, restore, and resolve those differences that are preventing your family from being a joy and comfort to its members.